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NEWS December 03, 2017

Wowoo Wallet Android ver. 1.0.0 Released !

A Private Mobile Wallet can store crypto-tokens that are used inside the Wowoo platform in a secured and seamless environment.

Multi-Coin and Tokens: Manage various crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash and many more, together with all ERC20 tokens.
Lite Wallet: Trade and store cryptos by only downloading the minimum required information. Reducing the internet environment and the device model limitation impact.

HD Wallet: Restore assets using 12 words generated passphrase upon creation of the Wallet account, in case of changing or losing the device.

Linked to Wowoo Platform: Access exclusive content and platform and store Wowoo Tokens directly on the wallet.

iOS version is also in development.

Reference:… (for English)… (for Japanese)

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