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NEWS January 17, 2018


As clearly stated on both of our website and whitepaper, we do not allow any contributions from joining our token sales made by any residents including but not limited to, Republic of China, United States and Japan, tax or otherwise.

Apart from above countries, we also do strictly monitor the regulation activities in South Korea. Therefore, there are a high chance of us not being able to accept South Korean contributors due diligence purposes towards our compliance policy.

We recently are informed of cases where our token sale are advertised in these regions, beyond our permission and completely against our policies.
We ask everyone to NOT participate in any form of sales that are not officially distributed from us, especially if you are a resident of these regions.

Please understand that these decisions are very important for us to actually proceed with our upcoming projects and our challenge to create new form of value into our society.

We are currently investigating some cases and will be giving stern warnings for the unpermitted activities.

Wowoo Pte. Ltd.

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