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NEWS February 11, 2018

4 Updates of the Week!

1. We will be presenting at Vietnam Blockchain Week held in Ho Chi Minh City on March 7th & 8th.
Fuji from Wowoo Pte. And Gen Matsuda from our partner OKWAVE will be joining the event.

2. Wowoo aims to create a new value, what we call an “Inspiring Value”, to our society by supporting various projects which could affect our lives. As a part of our project, we are excited to put our focus in the entertainment sector and are currently in talk with a great prospected project as our customer to conduct an ICO on our platform.
We also are in development of a series of promotional TV drama series which is scheduled to be widely broadcasted in Asian region. Please look forward to further announcement on these events!

3. Our KYC and Whitelist registration is scheduled to open on February 15th, 19:00 +0900. (February 15th, 10:00GMT).
We will be uploading a manual for contributors to follow upon registering very soon.
Please kindly await for further announcements to be made regarding our token sale.

4. As mentioned in our statement published on January 17th, we ask everyone NOT to contact, participate, send funds, etc in ANY unofficial sales that is not conducted by us officially. We do not have any official seminars to sell our token, nor provide any distributional plans especially in countries that we prohibit from joining our token sales. Any unofficial sales that is conducted by a private person or a company apart from Wowoo Pte. Ltd., is NOT an official sale.

Vietnam Blockchain Week

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