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NEWS February 15, 2018


We have some exciting news which we are proud to share with you today. We have been able to come to agreement in behalf of our community for Wowoo to migrate over to one of the most potential blockchain in the industry, NEO ecosystem, far earlier than we could ever hoped.

Given this exciting development, our team will now undertake the work required to complete migration to the NEO platform, which will include migrating our ERC20 tokens. As you may well be aware, we were due to distribute these tokens via our sale on February 22nd 2018. However, given this tremendous opportunity to accelerate the sophistication Wowoo’s blockchain technology, we have decided that the best course of action is to postpone the token sale for a short period while we migrate to the new platform. Doing so will enable us to launch our sale confident that we are utilising the very best technology in the world.

We will announce further details of the token metrics and token sale very soon. Our Whitepaper will also be updated imminently. However, please be assured that there will be no changes to the fundamental concept of the Wowoo project in any way. The new developments merely allow us to base the project on the very best technology available.

Given these developments, the Wowoo team have decided that the right thing to do is to postpone our Whitelist registration period as well. We will announce the new Whitelisting period imminently, however.

We understand that any change in plans or surprises, even if very positive, can cause some anxiety. We apologise for the sudden nature of these developments, and we will endeavor, as we always do, to provide more notice to our Wowoo community in the future. We are however enormously excited to be able to join NEO at this relatively early stage in our project. As well as being a superior blockchain technology, NEO is simply the most reliable and user-friendly community in the blockchain space. Furthermore, having had extensive discussions with their team, we believe that NEO shares our own community’s values and that this will lead to a close and prosperous partnership between our companies.

We, like NEO, believe in the Smart Economy. We aim to inspire and develop value – this makes us a fantastic match that we believe will help bring about fundamental changes to our society, for the better. Together with our new partner, will we continue to commit our best efforts to accomplish these goals. We are honored to work with NEO and on behalf of you, our Wowoo community.

Thank you for taking the time to understand these developments. We sincerely hope you are as excited as we are. Please kindly look out for our further announcements which we will make shortly.

To the new exciting chapter in the Crypto Space,

Fujimaru Nichols & Wowoo Team

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