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NEWS February 23, 2018

Notice of the Launch of “Wowoo Exchange” Project

Wowoo aims to spread the right ICO culture to the world and a world where everyone can get opportunities.

Wowoo has decided to start a project of the international exchange “Wowoo Exchange” dealing with cryptocurrency and token exchange based in the UK / Southeast Asia. In collaboration with the international blockchain consulting company “QRC” “Next Chymia Consulting HK,” we will promote global expansion of Wowoo Exchange.

In addition to major cryptocurrencies, like BTC, ETH and NEO, NEP-5 (NEO Token standard) will also be compatible at this exchange once launched. Wowoo is already doing technical development on top of NEO, one of the world’s largest public blockchain, and hence, NEP-5 token Wowbit (WWB) that is the native token of the Wowoo platform and all Wowoo tokens issued on the platform will be tradable on our exchange.

Advancing into the UK with the world’s top cryptocurrency market is of great value not only to expand the international influence of the Wowoo platform but also to deal with regulational development of tokens around the world. In addition, the economic power of Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur, the major cities of Southeast Asia, has already exceeded that of local cities in Japan and Korea, and we believe that becoming a pioneer in Southeast Asia where economic growth is remarkable will greatly contribute to the development of the Wowoo platform.

The road map will be released in press releases incrementally.

Wowoo Pte. Ltd.
QRC HK Limited.
Next Chymia Consulting HK Limited.

QRC HK Limited.
Next Chymia Consulting HK Limited.

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