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NEWS March 27, 2018

WWB Now on O3 Wallet and Wowoo Wallet for iOS Released!

We are honored to announce that WowBit (WWB) token is now listed on O3 Wallet, a mobile wallet that highly contributes to the usability from the user’s point of view inside the Smart economy that NEO community is creating.

O3 Wallet is a one of a kind mobile wallet that handles NEP-5 tokens, and we certainly believe that it is a great advantage for us that WowBit (WWB) token is listed on such wallet, which is simple and convenient for everyone to use, especially because we aim to create inspiring values inside the Smart Economy.

O3 Wallet:

Also, we are happy to announce that iOS version of Wowoo Wallet is now released.
This application is also developed in order to provide an opportunity to users that are not yet familiar with token economy, and conveniently interact with cryptocurrencies and tokens. Wowoo Wallet supports major cryptos and ERC20 tokens, and we are currently developing further version to support NEP5 tokens as well. Therefore, WowBit (WWB) token cannot be stored or transferred using this app at the moment, but we are aiming to complete the update by mid-April. Please look forward to the update!

Wowoo Wallet – App Store:

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