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NEWS April 26, 2018

Updates of the Week

Please note that if you are and/or planning to use Neon wallet to store and manage your WowBit token, you must add our script hash to display our tokens inside your wallet.
Please review attached manual for your reference, and add “40bb36a54bf28872b6ffdfa7fbc6480900e58448” to your token list.

*How to display WWB token in NEON wallet

Furthermore, please also note that you will be required to own GAS in order to transfer your tokens to alternate wallets, exchanges, etc. Please be minded that we will not be sending our contributors of GAS from our side, so all contributors must prepare them if you wish to transfer your tokens in the future. The tokens are being delivered, and should be completed very soon.

2. Lifex ( ), one of the most potential project which is powered by Wowoo, is currently under negotiation to cooperate in a Singaporean government certified health program. We believe this will create a huge synergy in all of our further projects, and be a new gateway for Wowoo community to not only be recognized by outer industry of cryptocurrency and blockchain, but also create a massive chance in creating a real blockchain use cases under our concept of creating inspiring value.

Also, please be aware that we are informed of scammers using the names of team members of Lifex, Wowoo, and Wowoo Council without our notice or approval. DO NOT send any funds to any individual or a company which claims to be collecting funds in our behalf. We are currently under investigation, and will take necessary measure to handle this case when finding out such party. The official token sale date will be updated on their websites soon.

3. Fuji Nichols and Gen Matsuda from OKfinc Ltd. (Wowoo’s strategic partner and investor), will be attending “Global Issue 2018 : Blockchain 3.0 the Encryption of Innovation” held in Korea on May 17th, 2018. The event is scheduled to be broadcasted by Money Today Network program in Korea. As the event has great history and influence to the society, we are very excited to have our presence there to share our ideas and visions.


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