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NEWS June 08, 2018

Wowoo Entertainment

We believe that one of the key triggers which will play an important role to permeate blockchain technology into our society is via entertainment.

“Entertainment” is directly linked to our human instincts, and has the power to gather people together. Often in this part of the culture, one’s differences are not criticised, and the important element exist there is not where interests lies or for the sake of convenience, but simply the enjoyment we feel.

As blockchain being a technology of not only an extension of convenience but also involving philosophy of trust and consensus, it would require our society itself to change to accept them. Therefore, we’ve been discussing several ways which would allow us to interact with and start to accept the technology more casually since we started our project, and entertainment sector was one industry we decided to put effort in.

As we’ve already succeeded in supporting the release of a TV series which were broadcasted in Asia and recorded nearly 1 million viewers, which involved a scene of sending tokens to show gratitude via online media, we are planning to take our activity further to release “Wowoo Entertainment” project.

Apart from supporting ICO projects interacting with some major contents of entertainment, such as food, sports, travels, etc., we are currently planning to set up our own brand project to support the movie/media industry. We are on final adjustment with a major production company representatives to release world-class movie contents.

Please look forward to the further announcements on the project.

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