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NEWS June 25, 2018

Partnership with

It is our honor to announce that Wowoo Platform and are making strategic partnerships to study and contribute further to the blockchain space together.

As a first step of our partnership, we are planning to run an airdrop campaign on both sides of the website in the near future. We both believe that it is important to spread the essence of the blockchain technology to wider range of people, mainly towards those who are not yet involved in the industry. The airdrop will be targeting new users who are willing to step in to this field, and in return earn the most valid payment solution, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and the native token of Wowoo project, Wowbit (WWB), to start their new journey in the coming society.

Furthermore, we will be working on the future implementation of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as a mode of payment to use Wowoo Platform, which the beta version are scheduled to be released this coming summer, and full version next year. We will also consider varieties of collaboration of BCH and coming Wowoo projects.

As we as Wowoo aims to welcome inspiring and socially-appreciated projects in the blockchain space to increase more live use cases, we have already made over 10 project contracts, which mostly involves well known entities or services worldwide and are prospected to bring in large number of people in the space.

We are confident that BCH and WWB will have a great synergy in not only these coming Wowoo projects, but also the space in general to open up new possibilities to seize a new way of society for the people.

Below is a comment from Roger Ver, the CEO of of this partnership:

“ is happy to partner with Wowoo Pte. Ltd., and I believe partnership between bitcoin cash and Wowoo platforms will be a new milestone in the crypto space.”


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