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NEWS June 29, 2018

Updates on Four Nine Project

There are two updates on project Four Nine, the first ever physical gold mining related blockchain project in the world.

1. F9G token pre-sale date has now officially been set to August 1st, 2018 from 13:00 HKT (UTC+8:00)!!

2. Fujimaru Nichols, the CEO of Wowoo Pte. Ltd. is joining the project as a council member.

As the project is in cooperation with a publicly listed company, Atlanta Gold Inc. (TSXV:ATG) who owns a mining project in the US, it is expected to become one of a few successful projects this year which would have a clear use case backed by real entity.

The Whitepaper of the project is to be released soon.

Fuji comments as below:
” I’m very excited to join Four Nine project, as gold is considered as a physical asset which cannot be separated from human history. The idea of cryptocurrency is often compared to gold, which in some extent are similar, however, are different in the way of its origin and the way of it looks. Gold, including other precious stones, were made along with the mother nature over great many years, and have the mysterious power and influence towards people. Beyond science there maybe it’s reason, however, the concept of combining “Gold” and it’s great descended “Blockchain” would be an interesting trigger to pull to fairly spread these resources and reconsider the meaning of a true value and way of treating them.”

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