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NEWS July 27, 2018

Release of Wowoo Platform β version

We are thrilled to announce that we have been able to start operating and providing Service Operators (Project producers) of some of the contents from Wowoo Platform as the β version, which will become one of the main pillar of Wowoo ecosystem!!

As the aim of Wowoo project itself is to build a community where anyone with an idea can issue new tokens or make use of blockchain technology to contribute in making a better society, Wowoo Platform bears the function of allowing easy and simple usability to support the project producers to run a successful ICO.

At the moment, the service is only available for contracted Service Operators, and we expect to open the service as the main-net to public soon. As often discussed in the blockchain space, we strongly believe in delivering a live service that not only interacts with blockchain but most importantly have a good influence on the outer society, and we truly thank everyone in the community for supporting our project, and allowing us to take the first step. As we will be adding more features and languages in the coming months, we promise to release an extraordinary platform for public review shortly.
We have posted a sample video of the β version, so please enjoy and share your thoughts!

Fujimaru Nichols, the CEO of Wowoo Pte. Ltd. comments:
“I’ve never been so excited in my life, watching the moment of breathing in life to a product that may change the world far beyond our imagination. Wowoo Platform is not just about generating tokens, but its essence lies in its design, and design comes from considerations. We believe in a future of everyone having the chance to stand up and change the world, with a little help from our friend, “technology.”

Wowoo Platform’s default language is “inspiration”, “gratitude” and “love”, and therefore we are working on to make the simplest and yet powerful means to support anyone joining this field. We are confident in covering all A-Z in the industry, but this is not really the issue. It is rather making it readable to every single person on earth, and I know we are the only project which could achieve that.

I thank every one of our supporters and partners, and please look forward to our further launching of our service.”

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