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BLOG August 30, 2018

Wowoo Wallet: How to Create/Restore Wowoo Wallet

Wawoo wallet is an application for Android and iOS designed to conveniently yet securely store NEP-5 tokens, along with some of the major cryptocurrencies in one’s hand.

To Create

If this is your first time creating Wowoo wallet, follow the steps below.

  1. Choose Create New Wallet.
  2. Carefully read the instruction before Start Backup.
  3. Write down your 12-word backup passphrase in order before tapping Next.

         DO NOT store it in a computer or phone.

         DO NOT let anybody see it.

**IMPORTANT: Write down passphrases in order and securely store them. These passphrases are the only way to restore your wallet!

  1. Fill in your backup passphrase in correct order before tapping Confirm.
  2. Set your password and then tap Finish.

1.Create wallet


To Restore

If you wish to restore your Wowoo wallet, follow the steps below.

  1. Choose Restore your wallet.
  2. Input your passphrases in order with a space in between each word.
  3. Tap any white area above the keyboard then tap Restore.
  4. Set your new password and then tap Finish.

2.Restore wallet

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