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NEWS September 08, 2018

Wowoo Website Renewal and Platform Update!

Exciting News! We are delighted to announce the renewal of our website as we are getting more prepared of the releasing of our Platform. As a kick-off, we are beginning to receive applications from users whom wish to create their own ICO projects on our platform, and also trial registry to Wowoo Evangelists, starting from today.

Moreover, we are pleased to announce that currently distributed Wowbit (WWB) token holders will be invited to an airdrop promotion activities scheduled to take place in mid-October along with the platform update!

Wowoo Platform is our core service to be provided, which will not only match the ICO projects and its supporters, but also provide various tools and business opportunities for all its community members.

Some of the key features for the ICO project owners are:
・Generating individual tokens
・Creating whitepaper
・Building marketing strategy
・Conducting token sales
・KYC/AML verifications
・Listing token on exchanges

Every project under Wowoo Platform is based on blockchain technology and provides variety of utilities giving users and participants more choices and flexibility within its field and the service. Right now, many projects, such as LIFEX, ZEN, FOUR NINE, OTO-SEN, and others are listed on our platform, and once the platform is further developed, the users who joins the platform will be able to interact with many other projects more closely and get different benefits. As our society is rapidly changing, we believe there will be many more projects joining our community and will be providing valuable features and services for the better society.

Evangelist is a person who wishes to support and contribute to a project, community, company or product, etc. inside Wowoo Platform to others. Evangelists will be a great support to the ICO projects in reaching out to people across the world to advertise the potential and features of the project. Evangelists will in return benefit from the project too and form a win-win relation. A certified Evangelists will be able to receive even more exclusive services and privileges. We welcome anybody who wishes to join our community as an evangelist to submit their applications. Please look forward to as more detailed information and activities will be announced accordingly to the system development of our platform.

Last but not least, we are constructing Airdrop system for Wowbit (WWB) holders. The system will be released progressively. Please keep track of the updates via Telegram, Twitter, and our Website for further details.

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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