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NEWS September 10, 2018

Collaboration with ACU (The American Conservative Union)

Memorable day has come! Today, it is our great honour to announce that we will be cooperating with ACU (The American Conservative Union), the greatest supporter of The Republican Party in the United States, based on Wowoo Platform.
From this point, we will enhance our relationship with the country of United States of America, and we believe this is the historical event not only for Wowoo but also for the blockchain technology in general.

ACU, founded in 1964, is the oldest and influential conservative organization which functions as leader of all conservative organizations with its extraordinary power towards presidential election and pre-election. Moreover, ACUF (American Conservative Union Foundation), a part of the political organization The American Conservative Union operating as think-tank, and ACU-PAC (The American Conservative Union Political Action Committee) are proactively spreading conservative ideas and policies to the society by level of government, congress, state legislature, and through political candidate, lobbying, and social media. Once again, ACU’s policies, which prioritize national defense and one’s liberty, responsibility, plenary power, are spreading its influence towards conservatives within the society.

The Asia group of ACU will conduct an ICO focusing liberty based on Wowoo Platform. Cooperating with ACU will bring massive impact to not only United States, where regulations on cryptocurrency are still being concerned, but also for the society. We are certain that this will be the biggest step towards the change of our history and it will spread inspiring value and many more we could never have imagined before to the world.

Moreover for WowBit (WWB) holders, airdrop will be performed in the near future.
More details on the project and airdrop will be announce accordingly.

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