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NEWS September 25, 2018

Developing SAC System and Issuing New Token

Today we are excited to announce a very important update for our supporters.

As Wowoo project has started from 2017 and have made it this far as a startup, we believe most of you are aware of one of the core technology inside Wowoo Platform Service, which we have indicated inside our Whitepaper as the Smart Active Control (SAC) feature.
This technology is aimed to develop a revolutionary system whereas complicated Smart Contracts development can be done easily and by anyone. By using blockchain technology, we believe SAC will enable its users to experience truly fair means to exchange “credits” in our coming new society, by being able to customize Special Resolution system and Covenants control for example.

With regards to the SAC system development, we have been looking into possibilities to build it on NEO platform, as we have initially switched over to NEO blockchain for the faster TPS and growth of its community, however, we have concluded that it is impossible to be built on NEO platform at the moment. As we will be needing this feature for supporting government related projects in US and Malaysia for example, we hereby announce that we will be developing our SAC system separately on Ethereum platform which is the only option available at this point, until we release our mainnet blockchain (Scheduled 2019).

With this change, we will be issuing a new token on Ethereum blockchain as ERC20 standard token.
Compared to the current Wowbit token (WWB) which will work rather by the side of our users, in which being able to receive airdrops of our community projects and exchange as a way to express our gratitude, our new token to be issued is expected to circulate mainly as a token which benefits the project owners (token issuers).

As recent crypto market condition is critical, the true value of ICO tokens are now being asked. We prioritise our service development which we believe will definitely be appreciated upon the new grand opening of the blockchain era, which are to come soon.

We will be providing our newly issued token to the users who have believed and contributed to our project, accordingly to the amount of WWB owned. As the cross-chain technology is not yet developed, we cannot automate this process of airdropping, however, we will be opening a special website for this hopefully within the year, so please look forward to the further updates on this topic.

We truly appreciate everyone’s support.

Wowoo Team

[Token Detail]*
Token Name: Wowbit Classic (WWBC)
Token Type: ERC20 Standard
Token Issuance: 3,333,333,333

*Please note that this is not final, there may be changes.

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