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BLOG September 27, 2018

About New Token (Wowbit Classic)

Before explaining about the reason of issuing new token, Wowbit Classic; we want to mention that there are two types of users on our ICO platform.

  • B2B user: Project owner
  • B2C user: Individual users & Investors

Wowbit (WWB) is designed for B2C users and Wowbit Classic is designed for B2B users.


Why is Wowbit Classic necessary?

Wowbit Classic is a token for B2B users and it should be the token for implementing SAC (smart active control), complex smart contract generator, to our system as it is mentioned on the white paper. Wowbit Classic is designed for using SAC to project owners.

Due to WWB being NEP-5 token standard, development of SAC will not be available until we build main-net. However, specification of SAC has already been designed and government related projects in U.S. and Malaysia are planned to operate on the system. With the fact, necessity of SAC, our core system, became critical factor to meet our goal.

Therefore, we decided to develop alternative solution and decide to issue Ethereum based Wowbit Classic to develop SAC as soon as possible.


What happens to Wowbit (WWB)?

Not much change. WWB is a token for BtoC users. It can be used as a method of receiving various services such as rights for actions in the platform, cloud mining, etc. and getting airdrops, which is under construction as we have announced before. As a conclusion, WWB will still be used.


Relationship between Wowoo Ecosystem and Tokens

We believe that each token will grow as they are targeting different type of users, WWB for individual users/investors and Wowbit Classic for ICO project owners. Last but not least, Wowbit Classic is NOT hard fork of Wowbit.

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