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BLOG September 28, 2018

FAQ About Issuing New Token


  1. Why issuing Wowbit Classic?

Due to WWB being NEP-5 token standard, development of SAC could not be realistic. However, specification of SAC has already been designed and there are important projects which needs SAC, for example, government related projects in U.S. and Malaysia. Therefore, we must develop alternative solution from now.

Individual users/investors use WWB (NEO/NEP-5 token). This will not change. Considering NEO’s platform capability, we believe merit still exists for those users and good relationship will continue between NEO and Wowoo.

  1. Is there any Airdrop campaign for WWB holders?

We are planning to Airdrop new tokens to WWB holders. Although, this new token is mainly for project owners and SAC users. Also, it is necessary for WWB holders to follow certain steps of registration to get Airdrop. The details will be announced accordingly. Please follow our Twitter account @WowooHQ.

Anybody can be ICO project owner with SAC and create token economy. This is Wowoo’s goal. Thus, we believe this will increase the number of projects within our platform, which is the purpose.

  1. Will issuing new token affect WWB Value?

By differentiating their usage, we believe it will not dilute the value of WWB. Wowbit Classic will NOT replace WWB and they will have their own circulation.

Note that…

-SAC is our core system. Actual development of this system is great factor for our platform.

-Once SAC is implemented, there will be many more projects joining our platform. We highly anticipate increase of value of the platform.

  1. Are two tokens on one platform acceptable?

This is technological solution for building process of the platform and we believe this is the explicit way.

  1. What will happen when the platform become main-net?

We are planning to operate with two-token system but main-net is also under development so we cannot guarantee that it will continue at this moment.

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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