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October, 2018

NEWS October 31, 2018

Coldlar Accepted WowBit (WWB)

One of our objectives is to strengthen the relationship with countries around the world to become widely accepted, starting from Asian count...
BLOG October 29, 2018

Wowoo Exchange, MOU with BitoEX

Wowoo Exchange announced that they signed MOU with BitoEX, cryptocurrency exchange in Taiwan. Wowoo Exchange signed MOU with BitoEX, whic...
BLOG October 26, 2018

Wowoo Exchange Update

Clara Chen, the first franchise Sirius Capital HK Ltd. marketing manager of Wowoo Exchange, presented at TokenNews Conference in Seoul, in...
NEWS October 25, 2018

About Accepting WWB for Cloud Mining

Creating new services for WWB holders is our daily consideration. It is our duty to secure not only providing the good quality services, but...
NEWS October 22, 2018

Update on Four Nine

We have been supporting variety of ICO projects including LIFEX and ZEN which is listed on exchange already. Today, we have to inform that...
NEWS October 19, 2018

SAC to be Used by LES Project

SAC to be used by LES Project As we have announced in earlier September, we have been working to enhance the relationship with ACU (America...
NEWS October 17, 2018

FAN Betting Accepting WWB

It is our honor to announce WWB is available for a payment of FAN betting (FANBTG), although, it was not mentioned on the white paper.  Th...
BLOG October 17, 2018

About Circulating Supply

We have been listening to our community and believe that transparency and trust is the most important factor. We had several questions from...
NEWS October 15, 2018

Wowoo Eco-system Update

Thank you for supporting Wowoo Eco-system. Here is update of Wowoo Eco-system. Table of Contents Wowoo Overall Wowoo Platform Wowoo Exchang...
NEWS October 03, 2018

Wowoo Exchange Publishing Project Sheet

Wowoo Exchange is publishing Project Sheet prior to opening the exchange. This Project Sheet will contain information which may be highly ...