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NEWS October 02, 2018

Wowoo Exchange Update

Since our updates of Wowoo Exchange in the mid-August, Wowoo Exchange team has been working on two important factors and continuing this project to meet its goal for success in business and consolidate Wowoo ecosystem.
These two factors are…
-Construction of robust security system to protect from cyber-attacks.
-Secure the liquidity of massive cryptocurrency exchanges.

We announce that system design and verification for constructing robust security system has finished. This system includes installation of security detection software, which fulfills government and military security level and consulting agreement with world’s top-class security company. Moreover, Wowoo Exchange is planning to implement world’s top-class AI analytic platform. Although, the details about the security cannot be revealed due to confidentiality.

Since the announcement on August, negotiations with world’s major exchanges to ensuring liquidity have been taking place. As a result, an agreement with Tokenize, based in Singapore, to secure liquidity have settled. This partnership also includes technological cooperation of constructing robust security system, trades with fiat currency, and access to IEO platform.

With these capabilities, we believe Wowoo Exchange will be the key player of global exchange market.

Finally, we are pleasure to announce that Wowoo Exchange will start KYC registration in November.

Thank you for supporting us. Further information will be updated soon including updates of our website.


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