Wowoo Exchange Publishing Project Sheet

Wowoo Exchange is publishing Project Sheet prior to opening the exchange. This Project Sheet will contain information which may be highly concerned.


Table of contents are below.

Part 1: An Introduction to Blockchain Finance

1.1 The Blockchain Economy

1.2 Regulation of Digital Tokens and Exchanges

1.3 The Challenges of Effective and Compliant Token Financing


Part 2: What is the Wowoo Exchange?

2.1 Universalized Compliance

2.2 A Truly Global Exchange

2.3 Cutting Edge Digital Asset Trading


Part 3: WWX Revenue Model

3.1 Revenue Model

3.2 The Future of WWX


Part 4: The WWX Token

4.1 The Features of the Token

4.2 Token Specification


Part 5: The Company

5.1 Wowoo Platform


Part 6: Risk Factors

With the publication of Project Sheet, Wowoo Exchange updated its website and the details of the project are available.

Wowoo Exchange project is progressing and aiming for the opening of the exchange as soon as possible, starting from accepting KYC registration during November.

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website for further details.



Wowoo website: