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NEWS October 15, 2018

Wowoo Eco-system Update

Thank you for supporting Wowoo Eco-system. Here is update of Wowoo Eco-system.

Table of Contents
Wowoo Overall
Wowoo Platform
Wowoo Exchange

Wowoo Overall
The significance and values towards blockchain, cryptocurrency and ICO are changing daily and Wowoo believe that freedom of capitalism (token economy) is coming in near future. Thus, we aim to build world’s unique platform by cooperating with valuable projects creating original network, a community where anybody can create token without special skills and users can use the token to share the experience of happiness and gratitude.

Viewing to create security token and build original blockchain, we are expanding its awareness activities with pioneers in each industry. UTM (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia) and ACU (American Conservative Union), which is closely connected to the government, showed empathy with value of our project and agreed to cooperate.

As ICO consultant, LIFEX and Zen had successful funding and we have more than 10 projects including undisclosed projects.

Wowoo Platform
My-page system will be published this month.  Favorite project, wallet system, KYC, and campaigns will be updated accordingly.

Development of token and white paper creation tools and partner management system are progressing which will be updated accordingly.

SAC* system is developed only on Ethereum network.
*SAC = A system which you can easily write various types of smart contracts

Wowoo Exchange
It is expanding licensed exchange to local markets around the world and became world’s first exchange group which owns both cryptocurrency and financial license, starting from Singapore and Hong Kong. In addition to visioning security token becoming the main stream, it is constructing widely spread blockchain using partner-companies’ networks with highly secure operation system.

Token distribution, KYC registration, and publishing demo version will start accordingly from November.

WWB (NEO) usages are below.

  1. Able to invest in other Wowoo projects with discount rate and act as system of conserving values of Wowoo community.
  2. Able to get Air-drops from other Wowoo projects.
  3. Other services. For an example, mining.

WWBC is token for project owners within Wowoo platform. For an example, it will be used as a fee for using SAC system.

WWB holders will be able to obtain WWBC up to 1:3 ratio by fulfilling certain conditions and distribution is planned at end of the year. Details will be announced accordingly.

WWB is planned to be listed on other exchanges. Also, WWBC is planned to be listed in the future.

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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