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BLOG October 17, 2018

About Circulating Supply

We have been listening to our community and believe that transparency and trust is the most important factor.

We had several questions from our community about our circulating supply. What exactly is circulating supply? We found interesting information.

Quote from Coin Market Cap:

Circulating supply is the best approximation of the number of coins that are circulating in the market and in the general public’s hands.

We asked many people, including council members and community, for advice whether we should send ambiguous information, a proximity of the number of coins in the general public’s hands. Also, we had discussions with the person in charge to solve this problem. As a conclusion, we decided to give out information he needs and accepted to display the amount under their guideline.

Circulation supply displayed on the website is the circulation supply following its guideline.

We have been progressing our project based on white paper and we are announcing updates via official website, twitter, etc. Please check them constantly.

We understand that we are not perfect but we will keep listening to our community.

Thank you all very much for the support.

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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