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NEWS October 19, 2018

SAC to be Used by LES Project

SAC to be used by LES Project

As we have announced in earlier September, we have been working to enhance the relationship with ACU (American Conservative Union), which will be using our system to develop one-of-a-kind Blockchain project.

Today, we are honoured to announce that Liberty Ecosystem (LES) Project will officially be conducted using Wowoo Platform by Liberty Ecosystem Pte. Ltd. (Singapore), in cooperation with ACU. The key factor to this decision was due to the capability of our under developing SAC (Smart active Control) system inside the Wowoo Platform.

In LES project, blockchain and token will be used to evaluate and support global conservative governors’ policies and voting act at the congress. The original token is planned to be used by the supporter to rate the conservative degree of the politicians, and SAC system is expected to be one of the most important elements for this development.

As described in our recent blog post, projects which signs up to Wowoo Platform to develop a token and wishes to use the SAC system will need to pay Wowbit Classic as a fee within the Wowoo Platform. We believe that as number of projects that needs our SAC system increases, the demand of Wowbit Classic will increase in the future.

In addition to Wowbit Classic air-drop by maximum of 1:3 ratio towards our Wowbit token (WWB) holders, we are planning to air-drop LES project tokens also.

Please look forward to further announcement on this exciting and world-changing project!

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