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NEWS October 22, 2018

Update on Four Nine

We have been supporting variety of ICO projects including LIFEX and ZEN which is listed on exchange already. Today, we have to inform that Four Nine project, which is open to the public, will not conduct ICO on Wowoo Platfrom.

To enhance our eco-system, we have been cooperating with many projects from different perspectives. We accepted Four Nine project’s request of leaving our platform for goal of their utility token differs from Wowoo’s goal.

We wish for the Four Nine project to success. The project is still progressing as the website has been updated along with white paper. For further updates, please check Four Nine official website from now on.

Last but not least, there are more than 10 Wowoo projects including undisclosed projects so please look forward for the future updates.

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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