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NEWS October 25, 2018

About Accepting WWB for Cloud Mining

Creating new services for WWB holders is our daily consideration. It is our duty to secure not only providing the good quality services, but also to maintain and upgrade these services.

Today, we wish to inform that there is some delay in releasing the Cloud mining service which will be accepting WWB. As we have announced of the service in September, we are still developing new mining options which is customized especially with WWB token, and also were able to start testing the product with better efficiency in its performance.

As we mentioned before, the basic structure at this point will still be by depositing WWB, which is provided by Wowoo, to OKfinc mempool (Operated by OKfinc LTD.), in return users can gain cloud mining opportunity with extremely high spec mining machine. Therefore the users will be able to earn interest accordingly to the mining results.

We believe that this mining system will be one of the important factor in our Wowoo ecosystem, as different types of blockchain are expected to play roles in the coming token-economy.

Currently, with OKfinc’s support, we are running another test which is expected to further improve the mining performance, and clear the legal structure in delivering equally and convenient service worldwide.

Moreover, we are considering to provide additional option to accepting WWB to purchase high performance mining machine.

We will make an announcement about the release date of Cloud Mining service in future.

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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