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BLOG October 29, 2018

Wowoo Exchange, MOU with BitoEX

Wowoo Exchange announced that they signed MOU with BitoEX, cryptocurrency exchange in Taiwan.

Wowoo Exchange signed MOU with BitoEX, which operates cryptocurrency exchange called BitoPro, to cooperate to enhance strategic partnership over Asian countries and collaboration for expanding its business development.

With BitoEX service, poeple able to buy bitcoins at over 3000 convenience stores in Taiwan with about 80% share and 250,000 members. This MOU is important factor for Wowoo Exchange for business development in Taiwan.

Furthermore, BitoEX is planning to expand their service to Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. Thus, Wowoo Exhange will collaborate with BitoEX for business development over all round Aisan countries.

Wowoo Exchange will continue to build partnerships with exchanges all over the world strategically.

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