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November, 2018

BLOG November 30, 2018

About Wowoo Meet-Up

We have been introducing various usecases to spread blockchain technology and its capability to the world starting from Asia, as we attended...
NEWS November 30, 2018

Wowoo Platform Update

Wowoo Platform is one of our core service within the eco-system we aim for. For future expansion of the platform, we implemented My-page sys...
NEWS November 29, 2018

Introducing Wowoo Blockchain Commerce

We are excited to announce of our new scheduled Wowoo related project. Due to advancement of internet, large portion of modern commerce has...
NEWS November 28, 2018


Wowoo is going to be a sponsor for ASIA FASHION AWARD 2018 in TAIPEI, which is one of the world’s major fashion event today. Wowoo aims to ...
NEWS November 27, 2018

About KYC Wowoo Exchange

This is the information about commencement of Wowoo Exchange account registration and its procedures which has been released since 25th. ...
NEWS November 26, 2018

LIFEX update

We are announcing phase one LIFEX token offering has ended. LIFEX project is now able to proceed with its project with support from angel i...
BLOG November 23, 2018


Spreading blockchain technology for creating better society has always been one of our mission, and we have been looking for opportunities. ...
BLOG November 20, 2018

Liberty Ecosystem (LES) presented at J-CPAC

Since the announcement on September, we have been cooperating closely to empower the relationship and actively progressing Liberty Ecosyst...
NEWS November 19, 2018

Starting Date of KYC Approval Process for Wowoo Exchange

KYC approval process for Wowoo Exchange is starting 25th, this month. Wowoo Exchange is seeking to fulfill world’s top level security and p...
BLOG November 16, 2018

Wowoo × Wowoo Exchange × ACU!

Wowoo and Wowoo Exchange is going to participate in Token News Conferences, where will be scheduled to take place at SMX convention center i...