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BLOG November 02, 2018

About Liberty Ecosystem

libertyToday, we’d like to announce an update on the coming Liberty Project, which will be launched with the cooperation of ACU, using Wowoo platform as we have previously reported.

Liberty Ecosystem is the world’s first project aiming to combining national politics and blockchain. The concept of Liberty Ecosystem is to protect and expand the liberty of individuals, communities and nations.

The definition of Liberty often defined as:

“The state of being free within society from overwhelming restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, actions and political views.”

With this said, the voting act which is the basis of democracy should be delivered originally by the intention of the voters to politicians and political parties. However in reality, the voting act is easily affected by populism or media and these make it fall into an idol worship ideology.

Therefore, Liberty project will utilize the blockchain technology to construct revolutionary ecosystem, which connects between electorates, politicians and political parties through voters. Moreover, Liberty projects aims at ultimate democracy to get rid of harmful effects of restricting liberty or right of people and associations. Wowoo’s SAC (Smart Active Control) system is scheduled to be well utilized in constructing this Ecosystem.

As we previously announced, there are no changes to the plot of utilising Wowbit Classic Token as the fee for SAC charge in our system.

Our biggest goal is to promote a better society and we believe this project has the great potential to change the world from political environment. We will keep supporting this kind of project and make a contribution to the realization of better society.

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