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BLOG November 06, 2018

Wowoo Exchange Participated Meeting Held by NAPM

Wowoo Exchange is going to join the national project which is led by Sovereign Wealth Fund of Uzbekistan and provide comprehensive advice in order to establish a cryptocurrency exchange in the country.

Wowoo Exchange joined the meeting of NAPM (National Agency of Project Management) at the end of October, held by national project management agency of Uzbekistan.

In this meeting, there were several discussions about implementing phase and range of use for the strategic project to introduce blockchain technology, which is going to be developed under Uzbekistan government’s control.

Moreover, the content of this meeting has been widely reported by even the local media and there is a great expectation in introducing blockchain technology.

Wowoo Exchange will continue to carry out activities in more global perspective.

The exchange appreciates your further support and please look forward to the next announcement.

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