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NEWS November 13, 2018

Sponsorship & Social Experiment in Ichou-festival

It is our honour to announce that Wowoo will be sponsoring Jingu Gaien Ichou Festival 2018.

Jingu Gaien Ichou Festival is an autumn festival held in Tokyo, Japan. The Jingu Gaien is a memorial facility of the Emperor Meiji, in which was built in wish to provide a field to improve our physical and mental health, and spread great cultures. Being the part of Meiji Shrine, one of the most respected shrines of Japan, nearly 2 million people visits during the time of this festival to enjoy the tinted autumn leaves of the maidenhair tree.

As Wowoo being a blockchain community which aims to make use of blockchain technology in different industries, to not only improve general conveniences, but also to preserve, expand and credit great ideas and cultures, we had been significantly lucky to be able to discuss the future of blockchain with the heart of Japanese culture.

Some examples of a man’s foundation are cultures and believes. In Japanese Shintoism, many goes to the shrine to spend time to face their inner self, donate and pray. We have been discussing the possibility of utilising blockchain to open a new form of transparent system in these area. As a result, we have confidently decided to sponsor this event, as well as conducting the world’s first social experiment which aims to connect blockchain and unique cultures rooted in our lives.

During the event, we will be setting up a special event, where people will be able to make their prayers and donations. Their prayers will be taken of a survey and will be publicly disclosed to visualise what people are actually praying for. The donations are to be made 100% in tokens, in which will be donated to KIZUNA project which supports the reconstruction of the disaster places across Japan.

Upon the success of the event, we wish to produce Shintoism compliant blockchain project together with our partners. The token generated would potentially increase the real value of our native token, Wowbit (WWB), as an inbound token. We will aggressively continue to arrange more such inbound demands for our tokens with our future cooperation.

Through this event, we wish to seek the possibility of blockchain, and also represent to ordinary people of the potential of this technology which may be casually used in different scenes in the near future. The Smart Active Control (SAC) is one of the core system which we are building in Wowoo, which will enable people to utilising Smart Contracts and messaging on the blockchain, and we see the future that this may become a killer app for many more industries.

The festival will be held from the 16th of November to 2nd of December, 2018 in Tokyo.

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