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BLOG November 16, 2018

Wowoo × Wowoo Exchange × ACU!

Wowoo and Wowoo Exchange is going to participate in Token News Conferences, where will be scheduled to take place at SMX convention center in Manila, Philippines in November 25th.

With the cooperation of the Department of Information and Communications Technology of Philippine government (DICT), ALLAN S. CABANLONG as VIP and there are 11.4million of people following on his twitter!

Moreover, Vice Ganda, tremendously popular artist in Philippines, American-born singer Samuel who performs mainly in South Korea, and other celebrity guests are planned to be joining this conference.

This event is planned to give a presentation informing progress of each project and activities in the future.

Wowoo Exchange will be setting exclusive booth and WWX airdrop event will take place on that day, so please do look forward to it!

As we have made an announcement in September, exclusive blockchain project aiming Asia, Liberty Ecosystem, supported by ACU (American Conservative Union), the greatest supporter of American Republican Party which has been strengthening the relationship with Wowoo, is scheduled to participate in this conference as well. The speaker is currently arranged to be Gen Matsuda, who acts as an advisor of ACU and the president & CEO of OKWAVE, Inc.

Liberty Ecosystem project will be cooperating with ACU to support and evaluate voting activities and policy proposal of conservative politicians by using blockchain and tokens. Original token is planned to be used by supporters to rate conservativeness or support conservative politicians.

This project will be operated through Wowoo Platform under cooperation of ACU as it has been already announced.

In addition, Rover Ver from Bitcoin Cash is going to present in this conference.

As you know, Roger Ver is one of the council members of Wowoo.

*There is a possibility that either speakers or projects participating in conference may be suddenly changed due to certain circumstances.

Please contact organizer of this conference for more details.

TokenNews Conference

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