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NEWS November 19, 2018

Starting Date of KYC Approval Process for Wowoo Exchange

KYC approval process for Wowoo Exchange is starting 25th, this month.

Wowoo Exchange is seeking to fulfill world’s top level security and provide healthy operation as global exchange. In the field of cryptocurrency exchange with high anonymity, KYC is believed to take the most important role for preventing unauthorized uses and money laundering.

Wowoo Exchange will be using YOTI’s KYC approval system for all account opening of the exchange.

Wowoo Exchange token, WWX, will able to be distributed accordingly to approved accounts. Details of the process will be announced separately.

~About KYC approval system YOTI~

YOTI is digital identity platform which is capable of completing ID and multifactor approval within few second. Earning good reputation from great numbers of companies with its advanced technology, robust security and flexible development capability, YOTI has reached out to Indonesia and United States of America from its base, London.

Adopting this system will allow one-stop approval among several exchanges, provide security, and simplify procedures as user benefits.

The final destination of Wowoo Exchange will be handling numbers of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies from over 20 countries. The exchange is preparing to acquire various types of license such as security trading from each country which will make it possible to handle security tokens. Moreover, implementation of STO support system is being planned. Keep an eye on Wowoo Exchange activities.

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