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BLOG November 20, 2018

Liberty Ecosystem (LES) presented at J-CPAC

Since the announcement on September, we have been cooperating closely to empower the relationship and actively progressing Liberty Ecosystem (LES) project which is supported by ACU (The American Conservative Union). Recently, LES presented to introduce its project at J-CPAC, held on 17th of November in Japan.

The J-CPAC 2018 Executive Committee consists of the American Conservative Union (ACU) from the US, the Japanese Conservative Union (JCU) from Japan and the Asia Pacific Conservative Union (APCU) aiming at solidarity of conservatives in the region.

The purpose of this organization is to contribute to realize policy and achievement of American conservatism, Japanese conservatism, and conservatism in Asia Pacific region by conducting J-CPAC yearly.

Liberty Platform will be accessible from all over the world. Through its application, each one of you will become an expert and will be able to access worldwide contents provided by individual group. This innovation enables you to put your own argument on discussing table and send your opinion in practice. For instance, you will be able to support local organization overseas indirectly to develop new market by invest in those supporters. Liberty Platform is capable of global community management through simple and single dashboard. People can access to the supporters from all over the world such as Japan and United States and provide support and leaning opportunities. Moreover, in addition to providing education, Liberty Platform supports people to act together.

Liberty Token (LRC) plays a role in connecting each platform. There are four features in this LRC.

  1. Local dealer could provide rewards to members who gave donations, such as using SNS to support spreading information.
  2. There is a mechanism of supporter providing confidences to the project. Therefore, LRC can provide values in a secure method beyond the borders.
  3. LRC plays a key role in governance. It enables invest main activity of local organization and entire ecosystem by utilizing token and make it possible to cooperate with voting rights and actual vote of users as well.
  4. LRC drastically changes voting activity and makes usage of political contribution clear. Also, it is able to investigate the voting activity, implement of campaign promise and its situation by blockchain technology. A public promise will be protected more than ever before because it will be quite obvious that which political party or politician is acting faithfully with respect to the will of people.

Furthermore, it enables politician to give an airdrop to electorate when they carry out the policy that reflects will of the people. Also, they are able to give reward to voters as well. Voters who have received rewords will gain more power to support representatives as the numbers of tokens increases.

Therefore, LES is going to develop the next generation LRC token in order to allow token holder to receive allocation and distribution from each project.

Moreover, LES has been developing rolling offering as a strategy of token offering. This rolling offering will be implemented to conduct long term token offering, for a year. Presale will be scheduled before rolling offering release and planned to distribute bonus depending on the period.

LES official website is scheduled to be published soon, so please look forward to it.

Wowoo will continuously support LES project to reflect public opinion with high transparency for the better society.

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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