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NEWS November 26, 2018

LIFEX update

LIFEX_0We are announcing phase one LIFEX token offering has ended.

LIFEX project is now able to proceed with its project with support from angel investors and pre-sales.

Due to the synergy of related members, LIFEX is capable of covering large area. Also, to successfully build new generation medical platform which does not exist yet in the blockchain field, LIFEX were expecting to set the lead time longer. Considering the circumstances of crypto field and since it is difficult to construct the whole concept of which LIFEX plans, decision of closing the procurement as phase one were made, believing that making progress for realizing projects is the most important factor.

Therefore, LIFEX is announcing and has begun constructing its own blockchain network.

Development will be operated by a team with the core council, Nakamura, CEO of OKEIOS Inc., subsidiary company of OKWAVE. OKEISO’s lifelog information circulation platform, combination of blockchain and decentralized secret storage technology, has high reputation in Japan. Utilizing its knowledge and the brains of various councilors, LIFEX will construct most efficient LIFEX Blockchain Network for handling medical data with authenticity, maintainability and utilization.

The data acquired from blockchain and its analysis results can be used not only for development of specific medicines and preventive medicine by discovering common points such as diseases in the large universe, but also for regenerative medicine and personalized medicine.

LIFEX will bring solutions for the issues occurred from longer lives, increase in medical expenses, negative effects and other problems within the medical industry by sharing big data, which is obtained from blockchain technology to the world, aiming to enhance the development of new medicine, improve and expansion medical industry.

To create better society from different point of view, we will support LIFEX to bring excitement from medical field. Thank you for the support.

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