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NEWS November 28, 2018


Wowoo is going to be a sponsor for ASIA FASHION AWARD 2018 in TAIPEI, which is one of the world’s major fashion event today.

Wowoo aims to create better society by spreading blockchain technology to the world. As we have announced our view towards Entertainment in June, we believe that the entertainment industry would play a significant role in spreading blockchain technology to all over the world because it has the ability to connect people without any boundaries.
Furthermore, speaking of Ichou-festival in Japan, we sponsored and carried out not only the social experiment that connects blockchain and Japanese culture, but also could implement the visualization of excitement beyond cultures and enlarging the circles.

The event where will take place in Taiwan is introducing all kinds of fashions, such as clothes, music, art and technology which creates a culture of future to the world. There are numerous numbers of celebrities to be participating, and many trendy participants from worldwide visits to create new trends at this very event.

As a new step forward, we are going to facilitate Wowoo Entertainment as our subproject, and will be announcing of some of our future activities in the future. Please look forward to the event as we will be releasing a collaborative project with a famous Japanese manga artist, who have written several numbers of world-famous masterpieces, as the first shot of our Entertainment project.

In addition, we wish to support the industry of entertainment by utilising blockchain technology, for example to develop casual ideas into an actual project or develop new method of connectivity between the creators and supporters. Therefore, we will be handing out limited edition Paper Wallet to the participants, which will contain Wowbit Classic token which are to be issued on our community, in the wish that our Smart Active Control (SAC) system will be casually used in the near future.

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