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BLOG December 03, 2018

TokenNews Conference 2018 in Manila

Wowoo, Wowoo Exchange and Liberty Ecosystem participated in TokenNews Conference where took place at SMX convention center, Manila, Philippines in November 25th.

Wowoo participated this conference in Philippines to spread the blockchain technology and its use cases, and our new project, Liberty Ecosystem, had also participated to explain how political society should change, and how the blockchain technology could be used.

Wowoo Exchange, which is in the middle of attention, announced about KYC validation procedure for exchange account opening has been started on November 25th. Therefore, preparation of exchange service will be ready soon. It still needs little more time to be released exchange service so please wait for a while.

In addition, Wowoo Exchange announced that they took a stake in Bit-Z establishment in Malaysia and concluded a comprehensive business partnership for cryptocurrency exchange management service.

Also, as we have made announcement before, Sovereign Wealth Fund of Uzbekistan is going to invest for cryptocurrency exchange and this activity has already been decided.

Moreover, as we announced before, we joined the meeting with NAPM (National Agency of project management), the organization directly under the president of Uzbekistan. In the meeting, there were several discussions about implementing phase and range of use for the strategic project to introduce blockchain technology, which is developed by under the government initiative. The content of this meeting has been widely reported by the local media.

We believe that this kind of activity will increase Wowoo Exchange’s own influence toward global market and it accelerates our business development speed. Therefore, we will continue to work on making business partnership with other exchanges and negotiating with each government initiatively. Furthermore, acquisition of licenses for trading from over 20 countries for their flat currencies and cryptocurrencies, accepting in security token trade are proceeding as we planned.

Plus, there was a huge success in setting an exclusive booth at the event and we had a huge support and great expectation for the exchange service developed by Wowoo Exchange from those who participated in this event. We again realized the high level of interest of this industry in Asia and we are glad to tell activities and possibilities of Wowoo Exchange. We will continue to express our possibilities to several countries and places.

We appreciate your all support for the future activities and development of Wowoo Exchange.

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