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NEWS December 07, 2018

About AFA and Wowoo Entertainment

ASIA FASHION AWARD 2018 in TAIPEI, Asia’s largest fashion event with models and artists representing Asia participating, was successfully held on 1stDecember and it attracted a lot of attention from domestic and foreign countries. Also, there were great success in sponsoring activities of Wowoo and Wowoo Exchange during the event, and we are going to announce our activity report with Wowoo Entertainment’s approach.

It was a great success, recorded over 5 million viewers through live TV broadcast and livestreaming, and 1500 participants with tickets difficult to obtain. In this event, there were many celebrities gathered from several entertainment sectors and widely reported by more than 800 medias from Taiwan and overseas. The event became a leading figure that would enlighten the entertainment industry through fashion, music, and food.

As Wowoo, we not only set up our booth, but also introduced about Wowoo Entertainment on the stage.

Wowoo Entertainment is a sub-brand launched by Wowoo, which aims for the new extensibility by combining existing entertainment culture and blockchain technology. In particular, examples are sponsorship of various contents, support in logistics & sales, and intellectual asset management.

Today, entertainment has been facing difficulty to be recognized even it is fascinating   due to the diversification in media or content. We consider there is a possibility to support unrecognized entertainments and to protect contents from illegal transactions by utilizing blockchain technology. Therefore, blockchain technology is able to support in several ways. Making blockchain technology more familiar will trigger people’s inspirations beyond entertainment in future.

Starting from supporting “Sengoku no Arcadia”,  we are going to get involved with entertainment industry.

As we previously announced, Wowoo Entertainment has affinity with blockchain commerce project. Thus, we are going to put more effort in spreading blockchain as it becomes a common technology in our society next year so please look forward to it.

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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