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BLOG December 19, 2018

Wowoo Meet-Up Report

In order to create token economy with good deeds having financial values, our company is working on spreading blockchain technology across the globe as a cyber security solution and collaborating with innovate projects from all over the world. This time, we carried out meet up event on December 14thin Japan, introduced use-cases which utilize blockchain technology to acknowledge the technology and its possibility to people in Japan. Many people who are interested in our activities and blockchain technology joined this event and we all had precious time during the event. We very appreciate everyone who participated in our meet up event.

From Wowoo, Fujimaru Nichols, CEO, participated in this meet up. During the event, he stated “what we should learn” from a massive hacking attack and hard fork issue occurred around the world in 2018, which was a tumultuous year of cryptocurrency industry, and how blockchain industry is going to develop in the future. Moreover, along with the future vison and policy, he explained blockchain technology will not be available in overnight, and it develops in stages such as payment method as first phase, contract for second phase, use-cases for the third phase. Also, he introducedthe concept and system of Wowoo Ecommerce as an example. We are confident this project will not only createa community which impression holds value and evaluates good deeds, where tokens accumulate, but also is the most effective and innovative service which will make blockchain technology much more familiar for people all over the world.

Furthermore, OTOSEN and Liberty Ecosystem introduced solutions for issues in each industry such as musical and political. Also, they explained the method of utilization of blockchain technology to share their visions, way to build better society.

Technological strength in Japan has capability of utilizing blockchain. To maximize the possibilities, we will spread the new concept and its technology toward whole Asia, including Japan.

At last, a new announcement of Wowbit Classic is scheduled to be released soon so please look forward to it.

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