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NEWS December 21, 2018

Issuance completed for Wowbit Classic (WCC)

First of all, token symbol for Wowbit Classic is decided to be WCC, and we are excited to announce that we have safely completed the issuance of Wowbit Classic (WCC) token.

WCC is a utility token in which will be dedicated to be used as a service fee of the Smart Active Control (SAC) system of Wowoo Platform, which is scheduled to be released next year.

SAC is a key service of our project which manages the generation of tokens and controls its rights, which will be capable of creating inherent values such as originating and lapse of rights, recreate rights, economic rights, burn, escrow, etc. SAC provides an easy, simple, and yet strong experience of designing Smart Contracts of a token. As we have mentioned in our whitepaper, we believe that there will be various needs for achieving a token economy, such as monetary reserve, custody, value control, lottery, etc., and SAC may be the killer contents in customising these contracts without technical knowledge.

As WCC is an additional contents of Wowoo which were not decided beforehand, we will not conduct any token sales, and will credit our Wowbit (WWB) token holders of the new WCC tokens for free(*), in the wish that anyone with an inspiring ideas could easily create new tokens to change the world for the better.

[Token description]

Token Name: Wowbit Classic

Token Symbol: WCC

Total Supply: 3,333,333,333

Estimated price per token: TBC

Token Contract address: 0xe19937b53da7275bc5d6ca679f19fd88a549d163

There will be a special campaign program announcement early next year, in which WWB holders can sign up for in order to receive their WCC tokens.

Please note that just by owning WWB tokens WILL NOT automatically credit you WCC tokens.

WWB is a NEP-5 (NEO) standard token, and WCC being ERC-20 (Ethereum) standard token, there are no crosschain distribution system today, meaning that users must go through special steps to join the campaign. The campaign will only be held for a limited time, and we will not be responsible nor make any exceptions for any unclaimed or such occasions by the users.

We are currently in discussion with multiple exchanges, including developing exchange operates under one of the leaders of crypto industry, for the listing of WCC token in order to improve the liquidity of the tokens for the future use of SAC system by the project owners.

Furthermore, for WWB listing, we are in process of settling an agreement with exchange invested by world-famous companies in China, and exchange which has high influence in China and other Asian countries.

More information will be announced accordingly.

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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