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NEWS December 25, 2018

Greetings from Wowoo team


Wowoo project started with a token sale and was launched as a newbie of the industry this year, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and one of our supporters for allowing us to develop this project.

2018 was a year which the concept of Blockchian technology and Cryptocurrencies became quite known amongst people. However, it is a fact that not only the technical advantages were talked about, but also it caused negative images triggered by exchange hacking, hardforks, and downfall of major cryptocurrencies.

2019 is estimated that many global entities will be joining the blockchain space in accordance with each country’s development of legal systems. In that terms, 2019 is a year which is highly expected of the outcome of actual usecases of blockchain, services that really will be used in the society. It is easy to image that most of the current major cryptocurrencies even will disappear in no time, unless they provide a real usecases. Projects which securely operates a decentralised network within the regulations, and most importantly contribute to people throughout the world are the ones that will rise from now.

Wowoo aims to play a role in the industry, by building our own token economy which will credit people’s goodwill into the blockchain network, and increase the transactions based on gratitude and inspirations that will happen between only the needed parties.

Please look forward as we will be working hard to maximise our usecases, including the release of tools, exchanges, blockchain e-commerce and supporting other blockchain projects.

We would like to ask our supporters to give us an honest feedback for our activities in 2019. Kindly take few minutes of your time so that we could review your opinions.

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Please look forward to our development of the project in 2019!

We wish everyone a fruitful year to come.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wowoo team

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