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NEWS January 15, 2019

Listing Wowbit and Wowbit Classic

We are excited to announce that Wowbit (WWB) and Wowbit Classic (WCC) will be listed on Bitaladdin, a Chinese exchange, which builds a world class digital asset trading platform to increase the user within Wowoo token economy and the supply of the tokens.

In addition to Chinese region promoting digital payments as in Cashless policy, which is seen in WeChat Pay for example, it is unique in the way that its government supports these Chinese oriented platform companies such as Alibaba and Tencent. After the deregulation of digital asset trading in 2018, the Cyberspace Administration Center (CAC) has reported a new regulation ideas for 2019. As China as a market is focusing on building an international standard in this field, we will continue to pay further attention for our marketing strategy as well.

Bitaladdin is a new exchange platform which was recently released, and is paid attention to because listed companies from Japan and South Korea, as well as Institutional investors have decided to fund the platform. Bitaladdin constructs a globally professional, safe, convenient and standardized digital asset trading service for its users.

Within the rapid movement of inflowing wealth from traditional assets towards digital assets, the number of exchange platforms has also multiplied and diversified.

Bitaladdin will provide various target solutions with applications, optimise its products, and improve its service experience to maximise the investing opportunities for its users. Wowoo also aims to cooperate in building its service.

We will be informing of the detailed information on the listing accordingly.

Also, we are currently adjusting of listing WWB on 3 more exchanges within few months range. Please look forward as we will be working our best on not only supply and marketing increase, but also construction of compliances which goes by different countries regulations.

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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