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BLOG February 19, 2019

About Liberty Ecosystem: Concept

Liberty Ecosystem’s mission is to protect and expand the liberty of individuals, communities and nations. They are focused on counterbalancing threats to liberty in two areas: governments who are limiting individual and group rights within their countries, and authoritarian governments such as China and Russia who are expanding their governance models to other countries.

The approach is to use Liberty tokens and infrastructure to build an open, decentralized and participatory “New Power” system. “New Power” is open, participatory and peer-driven whereas “Old Power” is closed, centralized, and leader driven. Similar to how dolphins band together to fight off a killer whale attack, local groups with a shared vision can band together to counter-balance larger, centralized, “Old Power” institutions. Specifically, the plan is to build a federation of local political, business, economic, technical, social, and cultural organizations who share their mission.

To start, accelerated go-to-market plan is to build a “minimum viable community” from existing relationships with local organizations. Liberty Ecosystem made an agreement with an existing crypto services company, OmniSparx, to provide community the tools they need to communicate, collaborate, share content, manage token incentives, vote on funding priorities, and fund projects. They also plan to include the initial local organizations in Liberty Ecosystem token offering to enable them to raise funds together.

Liberty Tokens could be used to reward community member behavior, enable voting on funding priorities, and crowd-source key projects. To scale quickly, there is a plan to offer a bounty program for referrals for other organizations.

Liberty Ecosystem plans to create a next-generation “LRC” token creation platform, which would enable potential funders of infrastructure projects to market investment for their projects to a broader base of individuals including members of the local community and other smaller, stakeholders.  The token platform would allow these organizations to create debt contracts in the form of a security crypto token, which investors could purchase and eventually receive dividends from the underlying asset (such as a port, bridge etc.) It is believed the LRC token creation platform could create value for the token holders because it taps into future profit-sharing streams and it helps build and strengthen local communities.

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