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BLOG February 20, 2019

About Liberty Ecosystem: Benefits

Ecosystem participants benefit from solution on multiple levels. On a global level, having an agile, flexible federation of local organizations enables local organizations to accelerate their “time-to-impact” working together than alone. The agile, networked structure will make it difficult for authoritarian governments and institutions to directly attack the local organizations as there is no centralized group – but rather an everchanging network of local groups.

Local Organizations

Local organizations are the primary value creators within the Liberty Ecosystem. The platform is built to accelerate their “time-to-impact” by providing access to a shared communications and financing infrastructure.

The following are a few of the key benefits that joining the Liberty Ecosystem provides local organizations:

  • ・Ability to fund-raise across multiple geographies with lower transaction costs and greater speed
  • ・Helps you raise money for projects from a broad network of donors
  • ・Provides an easy way to build and grow a global community for a local cause


Liberty provides anyone, anywhere in the world with the ability to join the global movement to stop authoritarianism. Individuals no longer have to rely on inefficient governments or corrupt global organizations to fight on their behalf: they can interact directly with the organizations on the front line and actually play a role in the direction of the movement.

Benefits include:

  • ・Stay in-the-know from the leading thinkers in the movement
  • ・Cut out the middleman, and contribute directly to projects that you believe will make a difference
  • ・Invest in large-scale infrastructure projects that are powering the developing world

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