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BLOG February 21, 2019

About Liberty Ecosystem: Funding

Liberty Tokens are critical in this New Power model for three reasons:

First, they provide a way for organizations to reward and incent their own ecosystem members including:  employees, suppliers, partners, vendors, donors, writers, and others. This enables the local organizations to tap into a much broader pool of talent and innovation. All the people who add value to the Liberty Ecosystem should share in the value created.

Second, Liberty Tokens provide a way for the members to have a greater voice in determining what is important for their local organization. Instead of the traditional way of electing a board and executives to broadly represent them, members could stake their tokens to vote on specific issues (or essentially hold in a digital wallet for a set amount of time).  Voting could be based on the number of wallets they hold as well and/or the total number of coins. By increasing their token holdings, members could increase their influence. Similarly, there is now also a way to fund specific projects, not broad budgets.

Third, Liberty Tokens provide a way for members to receive income for tokens that they stake on projects which generate profits. Variable dividend tokens also provide local organizations a way to tap into new funding sources. We believe the Liberty Tokens can be used to help build and strengthen local communities.

Liberty is planning multiple fundraising rounds.  The first round is with friends and family (F&F) which is currently in-process. The second round is a limited pre-sale offering, and the third round is a broader “rolling offering” to qualified investors that will take place over one year.

Pre-Sale Offering

The pre-sale offering will occur in the months leading up to the Rolling Offering. Investors who commit capital during the Pre-Sale offering will receive Liberty Credits that they can use to invest at any time during the Rolling Offering. As early supporters of Liberty, these investors will receive a sizable bonus Credit in addition to the amount contributed. For instance, if an investor contributes $100,000 during the pre-sale they will receive $100,000 in Liberty Credits as well as a certain amount in bonus Credits based on the timing and size of the investment (20-50%). Investors who committed capital during the Friends and Family round will receive an even larger bonus in recognition of their early support.

Rolling Offering

The “rolling offering” plan is a series of 365 daily token sales where each day, approximately 10 million tokens will be available for purchase to qualified investors. Throughout the day, investors will commit the amount of fiat or select cryptocurrencies they wish to invest.  At the end of the day, the price per token is calculated by dividing the total amount of value committed by the total number of tokens offered.  For example, on Day 1, if there is $2 million committed for the daily sale of 10 million tokens, each token would be priced at $0.20 ($2 million / 10 million tokens).

Note: Please remember there might be slight changes and make sure to check Liberty whitepaper when published.

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