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NEWS April 01, 2019

Update on Wowoo Exchange

We are delighted to inform you that the Wowoo Exchange has updated its website.

The new website enables newsletter sign up, highlights the company mission and commitments, includes a roadmap of potential features, and provides information about the team, and much more!

In March, Wowoo Exchange held its first meet up in Bali, Indonesia, where the basic project structure was shared.

More details about the initial target markets in Southeast Asia were announced, along with the potential usage of the WWX token, including benefits with partner alliances, exclusive access to market data, etc. and competitive advantages of the exchange as mentioned in the new website.

A closed beta version is expected to be released by the end of April May 2019, while the WWX Platform is scheduled to go live by the end of June 2019.

Please keep track of the updates via Wowoo Telegram, Twitter, Website, and Blog for further details.

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