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NEWS April 05, 2019

Liberty Ecosystem Decides to Use BCvote for Demonstration of Electronic Voting System

Liberty Ecosystem (LES) has decided to perform demonstration of mock election voting using “BCvote” which was developed by blockchain technology development center of OKfinc, subsidiary of OKWAVE, called OK BLOCKCHAIN CENTRE (OBC).

With the support from American Conservative Union (ACU) and Asia Pacific Conservative Union (APCU), LES is planning to conduct demonstration of mock election voting for electorates and students to evaluate execution status of campaign promises of conservative governors all around the world.

BCvote is electronic voting system developed by OBC in March, 2019, and it was created within OKfinc’s blockchain technology development project called “Thor’s Hammer.” BCvote is constructed on Ethereum Platform which is capable of high level of distributed processing, tracing details of votes, and risk management of manipulation of data. Moreover, the smart contract function determines whether the voters have the right to vote and realizes the voting process without double voting or cheating.

We will continue to support LES aiming for a highly transparent political industry and strive to contribute to the creation of a better society.

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