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NEWS April 11, 2019

Launch of LIFEX BC Network Beta

We are very excited to announce that in order to “bring healthy life to everyone,” LIFEX has released the beta version of LIFEX BC Network, in which LIFEX were able to realize decentralized encrypted data storage and its access key which limits the access by utilizing latest blockchain technology.

Users’ health data, including healthcare organization and research reports, will be recorded in LIFEX BC Network. As standard system, users who will be in need of treatment in the future will be informed with recommendation of suitable healthcare from the data and matching system. Moreover, it will be an infrastructure that is capable of rewarding proper incentives in the degree of contribution to those of who provided health data, in the event of profit made from pharmaceuticals as a result of research conducted on such data.

Activities to protect copyrights are often seen throughout the modern world. LIFEX believes that users’ health data is one’s precious property and needs to be protected. If someone benefits from using the health data, portion of the value should be given to the health data provider according to contribution level. However, modern healthcare industry does not seem to be able to support this matter, and this circulation system structure can only be realized by utilizing blockchain technology.

Along with upgrading version of LIFEX BC Network, we will connect healthcare organizations and research reports, and add an AI network where all of you can analyze the data. Please look forward to the further progress of the project.


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