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BLOG April 29, 2019

About New Partner, OmniSparx

As we announced recently, we have entered into a collaboration agreement with OmniSparx to create more benefits for our community, including projects, investors and supporters.

OmniSparx, based in Illinois, USA, is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) whose mission is to support the health and growth of decentralized ecosystems so that people anywhere can co-create wealth and improve their social environments. OmniSparx supports the growth and health of decentralized ecosystems by resolving the challenges inherent to collaboration in decentralized systems. OmniSparx’s goal is to be the premier authenticated and incentivized collaboration platform in crypto.

OmniSparx platform is being developed to connect community manager and investors and influencers by providing authentication and communication systems. The platform will be designed to recognize and reward the most value-producing actions, including participation in the community.

With OmniSparx’s infrastructure, which supports decentralized ecosystems, soon we will be able to provide incentives to investors and influencers who give out correct information or contribute positively to Wowoo through their activities. This will definitely be more beneficial for all participants in our ecosystem and we believe that adding this platform to our ecosystem will help to enhance the realization of the true token economy.

We will continue to seek such a great project and technologies to produce more value to your conscience and realize better society.

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