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NEWS June 26, 2019

LIFEX Update on Product Development

LIFEX project was founded with an aim to provide people across the world of an appropriate medication and health information for everyone’s healthy and happy life.

In order to achieve above, we are currently under development of LIFEX BC Network, which is an original infrastructure focused on the usage in medical industry to handle information safely by utilizing the blockchain platform.

In addition to the beta version of the LIFEX BC Network released last month, LIFEX is currently aiming to release a smartphone health management application as the use case based on LIFEX BC Network Ver1.0 (under preparation for public release).

The app is scheduled to be close-tested by our LFX token holders, so please look forward to the further announcement.

LIFEX is under discussion for partnerships with medical organizations in Japan, Hong Kong and other Asian countries, USA and other Medias for adopting our LIFEX BC Network. LIFEX will be developing a token reward function which will credit tokens in return of the user’s contribution on the Network, and an AI network for data analyzing.

LIFEX hope to deliver useful information of regenerative medication, latest checkups and clinical trials to our users through the LIFEX BC Network.

Please look forward to our project as they focus on developing an alternative use case of blockchain than payment, in the very time people’s attention is once again coming in to cryptocurrencies.

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