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NEWS August 20, 2019

WWX Token Swap Announcement (NEP-5 to ERC-20)

The management of Wowoo X Technology has come to a decision to commence a WWX Token Swap from the current NEP-5 protocol to the ERC-20 protocol. This decision was made based on current market demand and regulatory study. Because of no transaction monitoring for NEP-5 tokens, there is a high possibility that NEP-5 tokens cannot be listed on any regulated exchanges in high regulated countries. Wowoo Exchange believes that doing this will enable better liquidity, enhanced flexibility, and expanding interoperability of WWX’s ecosystem to Ethereum. The NEP-5 WWX token will be sent to a burn address and will no longer be usable.

The WWX Token Swap will start on 1st September 2019, and be available until 31st August 2020. If token holders can not complete the swap process within this period, their NEP-5 tokens will be forfeited. One NEP-5 WWX token will swap to one ERC-20 WWX token (1:1 ratio to 18 decimal places). A Token Swap website will be developed for WWX holders to complete the WWX Token Swap process at no cost to the NEP-5 WWX holders. There will not be any changes made to the total number of WWX tokens previously issued or token economics. More details of WWX Token Swap will be released soon, please stay tuned for further information.

At the same time, ERC-20 WWX token is planned to be listed on exchange partners which are located in Hong Kong, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore in October this year. Please note NEP-5 WWX token will not be tradable in the secondary market and only if you complete your swap process you can trade your ERC-20 WWX on listing exchanges. We appreciate your patience and continued support! For further inquiries, please contact

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